If You Wanna Go to Heaven




Growing up in the south, you get to experience some of life's greatest treasures. Learning about the Savior in the Bible Belt, eatin' fried chicken, drinkin' sweet tea and listening to gospel and country music, to name a few. I'm an old school, traditional country music fan. Not always of the content, but definitely of the music. I wanted to make an album with some incredible country music and combine it with some incredible lyrics. With the help of some of the music industry's finest producers and musicians, I believe we have accomplished that with this album. I prayed for months about what songs to record. It was finally narrowed down to these 10. I put my spin on some of your favorite songs, such as Long Black Train and Three Wooden Crosses. And then we countryfied some original material, such as I Can See My Home and a song my dad wrote back In the 70's, If You Wanna Go to Heaven. I hope you tap your toes and enjoy the music, but I hope you get a blessing as well. So grab a glass of sweet tea, sit back and enjoy Countryfied.

1 If You Wanna Go to Heaven
2 I Heard My Mother Praying for Me
3 Forever
4 Long Black Train
5 I Can See My Home
6 Three Wooden Crosses
7 Broken
8 In God We Still Trust
9 I Was There
10 Prodigal Son